Mi primer artículo para Brnopolis


Al poco tiempo de llegar, un chico del International Student Club, Petr, me invitó a escribir en un blog sobre la ciudad de Brno para que mostrara mi punto de vista sobre la misma. Después de mucho tiempo sin inspiración he decidido seguir con el tirón que he cogido con este blog para escribir mis primeras lineas en inglés. Aquí os dejo el artículo, cuando esté publicado pondré el enlace.

From the north of Spain to Brno
My experience in Brno is still short, I’ve been only living here for three months, but there are some little things that are making very comfortable this stay here. And at the end, the small details are the most important things. I’m a 25 years old erasmus student of the Brno University of Technology and I come from Santander, a city in the region of Cantabria, in the north of Spain. I make this point just to explain that although much of the time I’ve been in Brno I’ve been enjoying the studing abroad experience, I have also tried to got into the original moravian way of life. And sometimes this isn’t easy.

The main wall I have here is the language and the problems of communication. What you expect of a big and important city of a country is to make things easy for the visitors, but here in Brno there is still homework to do. I know that it’s my own work to learn some basic sentences to survive everywhere I go, but sometimes the easiest thing as buying a ticket for a match, asking for information at the bus station or just visiting the city can be harder than you can imagine.

But, as I said, these are small details, and these ones are not too important, they’re just things to improve in the future. In the other hand, the calm of the city and its people and the cultural atmosphere that seems to cover many corners of the town are these other details that make you fall in love with Brno. The clean streets, the silence in the trams -that are always on time-, the czech typical architecture, the coffees and pubs, the paths around Spilberk castle…

By the way, I’m only a newbie in the city and I know that probably I’m still losing many of the most fascinating places of it. Now I’ll find again the bad details that I talked about. The lack of information in english probably make me lose some good events. That’s why every initiative as Brnopolis is welcomed for foreigners living in the town, because it really helps, and can be very useful.

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  1. Gracias! Parece que ha gustado, así que estoy contento! Al menos he conseguido que escriban algo más en inglés en el blog, así que siempre está bien para poder enterarme de más cosillas de la ciudad y de los ambientes más «culturales» de por aquí!

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