Hi, I'm Juan Hernando

I am a designer and frontend developer. Just so we all understand each other, I make websites. I specialize in WordPress and e-commerce with WooCommerce.

Do you want to tell me something?

Juan Hernando Garcia

I created my first website in 1998. I founded and run Vertixe since 2011. I develop custom WordPress themes for each project. I work remotely. I give support, maintenance and advice to small and medium companies that need to be on the net but don't know very well how to do it.

I help to improve WordPress by translating it and organizing the local Pontevedra meetup. I have a "weekly" newsletter for WordPress professionals: Enlace Permanente. I like to learn and share my knowledge and that's why I give talks from time to time. I love basketball. And travel. I defend the open web, standards and accessibility. I have a blog where I mix personal and professional topics.

I live in Pontevedra although I am Cantabrian on all four sides. I don't like that they don't personalize the message to add me on LinkedIn. I used to like Instagram. Although it is on Twitter where I share links, articles and thoughts about everything a little bit.

Now that you know better who I am... shall we talk?

Juan Hernando Garcia