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Don't close doors to yourself


[02/53] I don't want to turn this blog into a pseudo-office, nor become a coach or one of those characters who goes around blurting out obvious things about productivity and happiness. But I am concerned about the number of people who, carried away by the current economic situation and unemployment, end up throwing in the towel. And with them I would like to share some stories that many of you already know about me, because you are part of them.

The summary of this post, in case you are not interested in what comes next is that you never know where or who is going to be the person who can change your life. And I'm not talking about love – which is also the case – but about the professional field. That is why you have to maximize the opportunities to meet new people, to expand your networks, to create bonds of friendship with interesting people from all kinds of fields and always be alert to lend a hand where you can, because these gestures are usually reciprocal.

Obviously, at number 1 of these stories is Javi López. The person who dragged me with him to GPMESS, the startup to which I have dedicated the last two and a half years of my life and to which I owe so much. Who knew that we met for the first time in a course on Coolhunting and trend hunters in Santander? It was 2010 and we were both in situations of uncertainty in terms of work. I signed up for that course organized by EJECANT, and the next, and the next. We met again and that computer scientist who still pronounced g-o-g-l-e, ended up becoming a great friend. One that later convinced me to sign up for Yuzz Cantabria. And to go to Brussels. And to sell t-shirts online. And to create an application that could change the world. Three years earlier we were coolhunters with no future.

Of course, if we talk about strange situations to meet someone, how about you meet a Spaniard in the middle of the Czech Republic while he is doing the Camino de Santiago from the northernmost point of Europe and you are looking for a job in a country where you do not control the language? There I met Andrés Fraga, a photographer who while walking more than six thousand kilometers in his project 6MPasos with his partner Coru, stopped in the city where I was living and thanks to his cousin Ana, whom I knew from the time of IRC and Fotolog, we met to have a few mugs of beer. From there came an invitation to go to Galicia and possibilities of joint work. And here I am living, we have been sharing projects for more than three years and I am sure there are many more.

And a few beers are always a good excuse to meet random people, like Jakub, a Czech who I met for the first time at an Erasmus party and then was a kind of guardian angel in a foreign country. Or the events related to your area of expertise, such as the Frontenders in Valencia that ended in a tweet the next day that brought us closer to Santi, whom we hired as a GPMESS developer. Or any other technology, from chat to social networks, where I met Vicen, a companion in technological, musical, sports or gastronomic adventures. Or, simply, to sit next to someone who is alone and introduce yourself, as I did with my great friend Dani on the first day of high school.

What all these examples have in common is that the end result far exceeded any expectation of an almost random first contact. And that if I hadn't taken that step, I would have closed a lot of doors that have allowed me to get to where I am now. So don't just stand there and go ahead, it's your turn.

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  1. How it all sounds to me. Without a doubt, one of the most important things is contacts. Of all kinds. For better or for worse, they can get you out of trouble or give you a chance. Things of fate. Keep posting!


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