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The state of the WordPress community in Galicia


In about a month it will be a year since I officially live in Pontevedra. I have a lot of good things to say about this city -I'll save them for another post - but I would like to talk about, oh surprise, WordPress. And more precisely about the Galician community that exists around this platform.

The Pontevedra meetup is getting bigger. On September 22nd will be held the ninth meeting and we do not stop growing. As of today there are more than 50 people signed up, within the group there are more than 170 brave people and we are already a small big family willing to lend a hand.

When I started my first fear was that no one would come. I found Espacio Arroelo searching on Google, quickly Africa transmitted me its energy and made me pull forward. I had the support of Xosé and Host Europe so that at least if I was alone, I could eat a pie. But people showed up. And more every month. And more new people.

My second fear was that I would burn out over time and no one would want to get involved anymore. Another one that dissipated quickly. People willing to give talks, people willing to help with chairs, with tables, people willing to record, to blog, to look for sites and topics, to connect with other people willing to lend a hand. What a blast. I'm not naming names because I know I'm going to leave someone out and I don't want to, but you all know who you are.

Once we have overcome these fears, we have no choice but to continue growing and learning together. This second season we will talk more about marketing, more about development, more about everything... and we will have a new website, better summaries, videos and whatever else we can think of.

In addition, since the Galician community began to move (people have come to Pontevedra from Vigo, Lugo, Ourense, Ézaro, Vilagarcía, Tomiño, Marín, Poio, Vilaboa, Santiago and surely somewhere else that I can't remember now) new initiatives have arisen that are just as great.

We have the Ourense meetupI hope to go before the end of the year, which on the 13th organizes its fourth meeting. With the support of SiteGround and the space of La Molinera, and the tireless work of Luis Miguel and Ismael, the group is growing little by little. The beginnings are complicated, but each time things are getting better and there is no turning back.

We also have the meetup in Lugoorganized by Ángela, Lucía and Mila, who together with Álvaro Fontela, all from Raiola Networks and in the event space La Ferretería are spreading the word of WordPress to a very large group of people. On the 15th they will have their third meeting and it is sure to be a success.

I would like that in both groups the participants get a little closer to the organizers and offer to lend a hand in anything. Even if they don't need to. But maybe in the future it will. The important thing is that there is no barrier between the organizer and the attendee. We are all part of the same thing and we can all lend a hand at any time. This is the concept of community.

And Galicia does not end there, in Santiago de Compostela there is enough interest in creating a meetup group and in fact I already have the interest of Dinahosting in sponsoring and the USC (more precisely from the Master of Digital Marketing) in giving us space, contacts and even attendees. We need a brave person who wants to lend a hand to organize it and then be the one to continue with the meetup.

Also in Vigo there are a lot of tech meetups that have joined under the umbrella of Vigo Tech and almost certainly in the future will end up leaving a specific WordPress one. And in A Coruña I don't think they are not far behind, as they have a bloggers event with a lot of members and I'm sure I'm not losing much if I bet that most of them use WordPress.

If anyone wants to start an official WordPress meetup in any city or town in Galicia and doesn't know how to start, just contact me and I'll give you a hand and whatever you need.

And now to finish this sort of State Of The Word Galician version, to answer the question I know you are all going to ask... AND WHEN WILL THE WORDCAMP COME? Well, I don't know. Probably soon. But I'd like all the groups to settle down and grow, see how the special meetup in Pontevedra is received in September and create a team of people willing to help for the love of WordPress to do something worth remembering. But of course, you will have to keep insisting and offering yourselves. You will be well received.

We'll see what changes in the next 12 months until a new summary on the blog.


Photo by Biel Morro on Unsplash

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  1. These things excite me. In the future I may even end up doing something in my area, who knows... Thanks Juan for bringing us all together, the meetup "virus" seems to be spreading!

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