Listening to music and working


A global survey of developers conducted last November among more than 3,000 people by Zend says that only 14% of them do not listen to music while writing code. The survey goes further and tells us that 42% have pop/rock in their ears, 17% electronic and 10% jazz. And although the winners are Metallica, Pink Floyd and Linkin Park, more than one confessed their "guilty pleasures" such as Lady Gaga, Britney Spears or ABBA, although curiously the first two together with Justin Bieber are supposedly the last thing these workers would listen to in their hours of maximum concentration.

I do not know very well how this study would be extrapolated to the national developers, and if any of them works to the rhythm of Bulería, bulería... but I imagine that we have all had worse things to "motivate us" on Fridays at the last minute before starting the weekend... I recognize that the best way I work is with electronic music, although I do not like this style the most, but I have more than scratched Daft Punk or Justice albums. I also have to confess that I have a cd that my friend Merca recorded in his moment, of disco music of the 90's, full of mythical songs (but really mythical, of macrodiscoshows and total machines) that gives a lot of play.

Spanish music is not a good companion, because if I know the lyrics I end up leaving my mind in karaoke mode and I focus less than I should... What about you? Do you have a job where you can listen to music while you do it? And if so...what are your most motivating songs? And those guilty pleasures?

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2 reactions to "Listening to music and working".

  1. These types of studios are made to say what you want and 83% of developers know this.

    Fav guilty pleasure: Los Chichos

  2. The money, and having 8.25 to listen to music is the only good thing about working. Lately, Sigur Ros and Explosions in the Sky. I want new suggestions too!

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